Royal sky is a group with a mix of established companies and startups.

It is owned by Mr. Ammar Omar, a successful Entrepreneur and internationally recognized
Business Teacher.

Royal Sky is a group focusing on services, with limited inventory. Its key assets are its people and processes.

Its Head Office is located in the UAE, where the first company was created. It has active branches in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Pakistan, and a worldwide customer reach.

Expanding across the world

Royal Sky
Head Office,

Al Ain, UAE



Growth is at the heart of our DNA
Our key mission is to help people grow, to improve and enjoy a better life

  • grow their self -confidence
  • grow their skills grow their businesses
  • grow their revenues
  • And grow our people and our companies in the process!



To become the ultimate reference for people looking to improve their life.

And a leading service provider in the Arab world



  • Positivity
  • Creativity
  • Ambition
  • Assertiveness
  • Humility
  • Accountability



To our clients:

  • We will serve you as we would serve ourselves

To our people:

  • Respect of all differences
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Farness
  • Obportunities to grow
  • Flexibility

To our communities:

  • Give back what we have received, with a focus on learning and development


Leadership team

Ammar Omar is the Founder and Owner of Royal Sky He is an ambitious and successful self-made Businessman.

He first established himself with My Technology, a company designing and developing websites, e-commerce, mobile applications and a wide variety of innovative technical solutions before expanding to other industries.

He is also an internationally recogrized Business Teacher, offering on and offline training sessions, as well as an inspiring public figure with a large number of followers and advocateson all social media platforms.

“My ultimate goal, personally and for my companies, is to continuously grow and help others grow, for all to be able to enjoy the Good Life!”

ammar omar

Owner & founder of Royal Sky